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Synesgy is the global digital platform that enables you to detect your commitment to environmental, social and governance issues and let your business partners know your level of ESG sustainability.
Through Synesgy, your company can:

Perform a self-assessment to assess its level of sustainability

Identify strengths and areas of improvement on which to take action to become more competitive in the marketplace

Accredit your level of sustainability with lending institutions and business partners

Obtain the Synesgy certificate to be published on your website and social channels

Give visibility to your commitment to ESG issues

The assessment process takes place through the completion of a qualitative-quantitative questionnaire, at the end of which, you will have a summary assessment of your performance in ESG issues based on the information you have provided.

The methodology by which Synesgy operates is based on international sustainability standards, including the Global Reporting Initiative, the United Nations Global Compact, the Carbon Disclosure Project and Taxonomy guidelines. The platform has also benefited from collaboration with the CRIF Group's Credit Ratings Agency, which has developed its own ESG methodology that it has been incorporating into the issuer rating of non-financial companies residing within the European Union for years.